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Welcome to the website of the Board of Students’ Union at the Institute of Applied Linguistics!

If you need to contact us:

Board members in academic year 2014/2015:
Anna Osuch (President)
Magdalena Szczecińska
Maria Radzyńska
Paulina Bałecka
Wanda Grudzień

Duty hours:
With prior appointment only – email us and make an appointment!
Room: 00.106, ground floor
Dobra 55, 00-312

What do we do?
Firstly, Board of Students’ Union at the the Institute of Applied Linguistics represents all students of the Institute. Our other responsibilities include: helping our students to integrate, promoting the Institute within the University and outside it and organising freshmen camps, parties, Christmas meetings or other events. We are here if you have any problems, so don’t be afraid to contact us!